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$5 Scholarship Fund

I’ve officially lived in Portland for over a decade. What a wild ride it’s been- 2020 in particular- not only for me but the whole world. It’s always been in my nature to want to help, but last year undeniably left me feeling very helpless. I’ve taken time to finally figure out a little way to contribute more than cake.

You might need a little back story for this to make sense: I grew up poor in the nation’s largest trailer park, right outside Reno, NV. Upon graduating high school I was gifted a scholarship that required me to leave my hometown. A couple of years later, I landed in PDX. With a lot of hard work I’m finally in a position where those opportunities allowed me to be able to pay it forward.

Here’s the plan: I’ve started a $5 scholarship fund. Every $5 donated, Dream Cakes will match it. Then every year we will give 100% of the proceeds to help a kid in need to go to the culinary or trade school (or really any school) of their choice. We haven’t worked out all the details yet, but we’ve already been in contact with high schools. Help me, help someone, go to school!

This will be an ongoing thing. As always Onward and Upward. Thank you!


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10-15 Servings, 15-20 Servings, 20-25 Servings


Frequently asked

What size cake stand should I use?


SINGLE TIER - your cake stand will need to be at least 2" or bigger than the diameter you choose, for example, if you order a 6" cake, your stand will need to be at least 8" or bigger.
TWO TIERS - your cake stand will need to be at least 10" or bigger, regardless of diameter size.

Will fresh florals be included?


Florals are NOT included, as we are not florists and cannot have foliage in our fridge. Please chat with your florist about florals on your cake or check out Zelia Rose for sugar flowers!

Where do your prices come from?


Our prices are set to accommodate the use of local ingredients and the fact that we are a 100% made from scratch bakery. Everything is made fresh, never frozen, by a two person staff to maintain quality over quantity. We are not a high volume production bakery, a lot of love goes into every cake!

Do you deliver?


Delivery is free within a 15 minute radius from the bakery for all three tiers (or more). Delivery fee outside of this radius strictly depends on travel time.

Pick ups are welcome for three tiers or more (at your own risk), we will have everything assembled & we’ll show you how to carry & load properly.

Two tiers or less are required to be picked up as these are very easy and safe to transport. We simply do not have the staff to make these deliveries possible.  

Do you offer refunds on plexiglass?


Two tier cakes come on a 10" plexiglass, these are expensive and reusable, once returned you will receive a $25 refund.


Most people don’t talk about wedding cake. Our guests did and raved about it!​​​​​​​ I would pay again and again for Dream Cakes cake. And you won’t be sorry.

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